Defining Moments

Today, I woke up and fell in love with the sound of the rain.
The clock ticked and the refrigerator hummed as I let my coffee grow cold beside me while I continued to listen to the drips of water outside my window.

It was a moment of perfection.
Not THE defining moment in my life but certainly one of them.

Yesterday I heard the expression, “defining moment” more times in one day since I don’t know when. It inevitably caught my attention and by the third mention, I could almost feel the poke on my shoulder and hear the “Pssst” in my ear.

What was my defining moment?
Did I have one?
It was a great question and gave me much to chew on.

I don’t think I can say I have ONE defining moment but rather several small ones that, looking back, certainly add up. Maybe my big ONE moment is still to come. Maybe not. Maybe it is meant to be chuncked into these smaller pieces. I think the end result is the same though. Moments occur in which my self meets my Self in a series of Howdy do’s.

Falling in love with the sound of the rain and the quiet moments between the ticks of the clock, was certainly one of those times because in that pause when everything is just so….a realization, a shift of perception, was finally able to wake up and bubble up. But they haven’t always been so peaceful and serene.

I think that any time something happens (whether it’s an event or simply a time of reflection) that gives us the chance to redirect and realign where we are in our thoughts and actions—basically where we are in our life, is a defining moment. They’re not always welcome…at first, and not always what we think they are… at first.

I believe that these moments, whether they come as softly as a whispered ah-ha in meditation or as powerful and disruptive/destructive as a hurricane, it’s what we make of them that holds the key to our growth.

Hindsight has the gift of reflection and hopefully clarity. I’m not going to lie and say I never thought “Why Me?” when things happened to me and it was only through hindsight, sometimes years away from the original incident, did I see the circumstances for what they were and  looking back has now allowed me to say “I’m glad it was me.”

Have you given thoughts to any of your defining moments?


8 thoughts on “Defining Moments

  1. Very thought-provoking post Renata! It grabbed me right away when you said you fell in love with the sound of rain. Ah, glorious rain! I love the sound of rain and when it starts, I make sure I shut off every extraneous noise so I can hear it for as long as it lasts…and it’s never quite long enough. As for defining moments, I’ll have to think on that one. I may have one here in a few minutes as I’m working on my taxes…and it’s probably not going to be good. I’m not in a mindset to think about defining moments right now but I’m tucking it away for when my mind frees up and I can let myself go wander around in my head for a while. Great post. XOXO

    • Thank you so much! Maybe you read that line at a perfect time to give you a soothing image while you’re doing your taxes! Thinking of those moments can be an interesting reflection….Good luck with your taxes and kudos to you for doing them yourself! xoxo So good to hear from you ❤

    • 🙂 Aw, thank you! I checked out your site and I enjoyed your posts. I like the way you write! I look forward to see what else you’ll post. Glad you’re here blogging!

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