Rocks are Shooting Stars, Too

Last week I inquired about applying for something that meant a lot to me but I was told that I was lacking in one of the core requirements. I had other experiences that equalled the resultant knowledge and training but because I had not completed that particular requirement (a two-week calendar commitment across the country) I was told I could not be considered a candidate.

I understand about the necessity of prerequisites and not making exceptions, but the knowledge I gained and the experiences I gathered through the smaller workshops mimicked what was being taught at the larger one, yet I was informed that it wasn’t enough. Despite the duplicity of subject matter that was in the two-week from what I had already taken, I was told I needed to commit to the two-weeks away. This was not an option for me, so I couldn’t apply.

I was deeply disappointed and took a walk/run at a local park to clear my head and try to shake off my feelings of  discouragement. Halfway through my walk, I rounded a bend in the path and came upon a rocky embankment overlooking the lake. I was still feeling down so I stopped, found a place to sit on the rocks and looked out over the water. I took off my sunglasses and looked around.

The lack of prescription lenses made everything around me automatically shift into soft vision. I could clearly make out the difference between a rock and tree but it’s the details of things that get lost to me without my glasses. I closed my eyes and turned my face toward the sun as I listened to the soft lapping of the water made from the ripples of the paddles from some late Autumn kayakers. A dog barked in the distance and a child’s laugh floated up from the nearby playground.

I worked to sort out my genuine feelings from my bruised ego’s huffiness. As I opened my eyes and looked out across the lake, I smiled at the vision before me of a thousand diamonds shimmering on the water’s surface, twinkling in the sun’s reflection. I felt the bite of the rock I was sitting on after not having moved in a while and I shifted my body to nestle into a better spot.

It occurred to me then that maybe not all of us are meant to be shooting stars and that maybe some of us are meant to stay close, and be like rocks—solid and holding the space, the energy, for others around them. No less important, a little less glamorous and attention grabbing perhaps, but just as much needed as the stars.

I’m okay with holding space. The world needs both—the shine and brightness of the stars right along with the solid, foundational, anchoring, rocks. It doesn’t matter which one we are, as they both have a purpose. We may even change places at some point in our lives.

Those of us who hold the grounded space now, may one day catapult through the skies, and those that are sailing at the height of the gods now, may one day come down to rest on the banks of these shorelines and mountains and take up residence in the dust of Mother Earth as one of its children—a rock.

Who decides if we hold space above or below? Is it karma? Fate? Luck? Chance? Maybe it’s just where our energy is needed, and it’s just the way things are at least for now. I say “for now,” because nothing stays the same. Even rocks get worn down. Either way, whether you’re a rock or a shooting star—whether you hold the space here on earth, or among the chariots and other shining, shooting stars, it is a good place to be. It is an honorable place to be.

And so I came to terms with my disappointment. I don’t agree with their decision behind it, but I respect it. There’s a reason I get to be a rock a while longer and whatever it is, I’m fine with that. I’ll hold the space here for whomever needs it. Shooting stars and rocks are really parts of each other anyway.  They both contain dust, metals, and minerals among other things.

I also made peace with what happened, or rather what didn’t happen, and with my ego back in check, it became clear that there were many levels to this lesson for me. Some need to stay private within my heart, but others like this lesson about the rocks and the shooting stars are calling out to be shared.

The limbs from the trees surrounding the embankment where I sat began to shudder and sway almost as if they were applauding what I now saw clearly and the day’s crisp air found its way through the spaces in my coat telling me it was time to go. I got myself back on my feet again, put on my sunglasses, and thanked the rocks and the waters for being there, and holding me in balance. The soft vision of the diamonds now sharpened into more of a glittery waterscape but if I squinted, I saw them again.

I then took my husband’s hand as we walked down the rocks together and headed home.

As above, so below.


Friday’s Focus—Mwahahaha!!

Now that it’s officially Halloween and the day is still young, I already sense an undercurrent of urgency from people and businesses to start the race toward Christmas shopping. Thank goodness, to date, the celebration of Halloween has remained sanctioned as it’s own holiday and has barely been touched by the mere mention of tinsel, but as of tomorrow morning, all bets are off and the Christmas fliers will be here before the Thanksgiving turkey has a chance to defrost.

Today’s Friday’s Focus is to let yourself revel in the mysteries of the coming evening when the veils are thinnest and maybe that knock in the wall you’ve been hearing may not be from the water pipe….or at the very least, enjoy the costumes of the kids, adults, and even pets, around you and all of the creativity that went into them.

Even if you don’t like Halloween there’s still something for everyone out there, so don’t even THINK about that turkey or the garland. Relax today and roll with the candy corn.

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…

Friday’s Focus—Judgement Day

How often have we looked at someone and had a critical thought about their actions, what they were wearing, or the car they were driving? I’ll admit it—I have.

If you’re a human being, you have judged and you have been judged. A judgement is an observation with an opinion attached. Even saying, “I like your hat,” is a judgement. Let this week’s Friday’s Focus inspire you to hold off on that opinion when you see someone wearing something or acting in ways you wouldn’t and then find something positive about them.

Instead of thinking how you would never wear that in public, and wonder how they could, turn it around and acknowledge how great it is that they have the courage to walk to their own drummer in public; or maybe that they have nice eyes; or maybe noticing how powerful that man’s voice must be to be able to carry all the way across the street.

We are all in this together and for once, today, just once, instead of striking out at someone who is different from you, look deeper for some good. No one likes to be judged so wouldn’t you want someone to view you the same way and notice something positive about you?

Take this one step further and make it the perfect opportunity to practice the meditation of loving-kindness to help create a connectedness with each other instead of judgment and separation.

In his book, A Path With Heart, Jack Kornfield describes this meditation as something that can be done anywhere and focused toward anyone. Wherever you are, whether you’re sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the supermarket or coffee shop, and you find yourself making a judgement about someone, simply look at them and silently say to yourself, “May he/she be filled with loving-kindness.”

This can be especially powerful when the next person you find yourself judging is the person in the mirror.

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…

Friday’s Focus—Resistance: Get Over It

I just bought an elliptical and believe me, after the first 10 minutes of making deals with my body and God as I mentally searched the house for where I left my inhaler, I was ready to say “Screw this.” And I did. But not to the elliptical or to my new morning routine but to my resistance. I refused to give in. I slowed my pace, looked out the window, and let my mind wander to whatever it wanted to, to distract me and eventually I did it—I met the goal I made for myself this morning (yay me!).

The Friday Focus I wanted to share today is when your begin to feel the first strains of resistance in anything—it does not have to be relegated to a workout, try distracting yourself as you keep doing it. It’s like tricking your mind (squirrel) into not focusing (squirrel) on the matter at hand (squirrel) and before you know it (squirrel), you’re done. In time you’ll find that you may not need to distract yourself as much to get through whatever it is.

Break it down—not just one day, not just one hour, but one minute. Just get from here to there, and then maybe from there to over there. I promise you that the time will go much faster than you ever thought it would, and whatever it is may not have been so bad as you thought.

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…

Friday’s Focus—Be Still

You don’t have to wait for the craziness of the day to set in before you count to 10 to calm down and be still. Cultivating stillness is one habit you want to create and keep dipping in to every day.

So for today, this Friday’s Focus, right now if you can, stop whatever you are doing, let the sounds around you fade, lower your shoulders, rest your hands on top of your legs, close your eyes, and

in and out breath,
count to yourself
1 / breath
2 / breath
3 / breath
4 / breath
5 / breath
6 / breath
7 / breath
8 / breath
9 / breath
10 / breath

Let all thoughts go past without holding on. Feel the stillness in your body and in your mind.

Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, start to move your body around again, gently open your eyes and SMILE 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…


Aching in the beauty of the grace of love in this moment,

my cells and emotions remember a past my mind refuses to acknowledge.

My heart aches as it grasps at the memory and I  silently scream yes/no!

Yes, I remember; No, please, not all that pain again.

The exquisiteness brings tears to my eyes.

Maybe it’s painful only because I cannot hold all of that love, all of that grace, and sweetness in this body and so I have no choice but to surrender and

I start to do so

with each tear that silently rolls down my cheek.

My hands cover my heart in prayer as I


in the agony

of the ecstasy.

Friday’s Focus—Zig Where You Would Zag

Did you see that? I didn’t quite catch it, but looking back over my shoulder and at the calendar, that was September that just ran past. Already (or so it seems), there’s another new month and a fresh blank calendar page. Shorter days and cooler nights, the stores are exploding in a pumpkin-tinged celebration.

I’m ignoring the fact that I’ve already seen Christmas cards in one store, I’m taking the moment in. To me, there was always something special in these first 2 weeks of October. Like there’s something magical in the air as Mother Nature holds her breath as she disrobes and literally lets her hair down before her winter nap.

I wish for you on this Friday’s Focus that you take some time this weekend to explore—even if it’s in your own town. Go out with no destination in mind and zig where you would have zagged and see where you get led. Don’t give it a second thought wherever you go and whatever you do. Free your imagination and let your instinct take the lead. Grab the kids, the dog, the significant other or just yourself and go for a walk, a drive, a bike ride, a run.

Whatever it is, use this weekend to listen to the siren song of Mother Nature and let yourself get caught up in the magic of this time in between seasons and who knows what you’ll find!


Have a great weekend! 

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way….