2 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus—Surrender, Release, and

  1. Oh yes!!! I’m preaching this to my mother and have been for the last several years. Especially now: she just had heart surgery and she’s having a rough recovery but she’s worrying about the What ifs and having a negative attitude. I keep telling her, along with the doctors, that what she’s feeling is all normal after this massive major surgery and she just has to relax into it. I’m going to read your post to her!!
    Perfect timing…as you so often have!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • ❤ I'm sorry your mom is having such a tough time in her recovery but I'm SO happy to hear that everything went well. Her worry is so normal but it's very difficult and frustrating to allay people's fears especially if they're your loved one and your mom to boot! I think we all need reminders of this and every time time I look at waves I think of just letting go and breathing which is why I love this photo. Sending you and your mom lots of love and healing thoughts and prayers. xoxoxoxo

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