I Want…

I’ve been quiet for a while so I thought it was time to post some things I’ve been thinking about….

I want my breath taken away by something beautiful, not knocked out of me by anxiety.

I want my heart to ache from loving so much it hurts, not aching from hurt love.

I want my eyes to see beauty and hope in all corners of nature and humanity; even ugliness and hard lines have a duality that embrace some good.

I want my mind to come up with possibilities and solutions where thinking out of the box is the norm rather than staying boxed in.

I want my soul to create opportunities of inspiration, aspiration, and celebration not just for myself but for whomever the magic touches.

I want to dream of ideas and worlds that change the questions of “What if” and “When” to the sentences, “Yes,” and “Right now.”

I want to walk out of the shadows of my ancestors and add my own colors and stories for my descendants.

Finally, I want to thank all those who are or have been in my life even if for a moment or a day, and for helping me choreograph my dance, add colors to my canvas, and for being an audience to my stories.



4 thoughts on “I Want…

  1. I love this post Renata. And I can totally relate. Sometimes reality isn’t all its cracked up to be. I know when my heart starts to get heavy, the first thing I have to do is quit watching the news. That sounds awful, because it’s good to be informed, but sometimes the information is just too depressing and distressing. Slipping away into the beauty, into the stillness and into the beautiful YOU is all it takes. XOXO

    • It doesn’t awful to me Michele about not watching the news. I read/watch it enough to follow what’s going on but seriously don’t need all the extra info. I so love when you wrote, “Slipping away into the beauty, into the stillness and into the beautiful YOU is all it takes” so so true! xoxo ❤

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