Blogging From A to Z: Welcome!


Dear Renata,

The Universe here, dropping off a quick note. Yeah, THAT Universe, as in the big U. Just wanted to stop by and bring you a note to say WELCOME to your new life.

I know things have been difficult and challenging lately, but I’ve been sending some people and good books your way to help you keep your sanity and to brighten your day. I’ve also brought about some new situations that I see you’ve taken advantage of to showcase your writing and art. You’re welcome.

I’ve been noticing that you’re still having some trouble despite my help though, and so I thought it best to contact you directly and send you an official letter welcoming you to this next phase of your life. The neighborhoods are the same—job, health, home, family, friends, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed that some of them have been changing with new neighbors and others that have moved out. More changes are coming and you will be exploring those neighborhoods soon enough, but today I decided to use the “W” in Blogging A to Z to welcome you to the new neighborhood that deals with taking care of your mom.

As you are well aware, she’s been having some additional health issues lately, and I’m sorry dear, but I want to strongly suggest for you to stop fighting the change. She’s not as young as she used to be and definitely not the mother that is living in your memory. So, in a sense, you have an updated version of your mother—the latest model so to speak. She still dances to the beat of her own drummer but the station has changed and there’s a new song playing. You’re the only relative close by whom she can call so instead of fighting the truth and the inevitable and feeling like your drowning with these new responsibilities, give it up and do the backstroke instead. You’re a good swimmer and strong, and take it from me, drowning people struggle in their panic so much it does more harm then good.

I don’t believe in writing instruction manuals but there are a lot of people in the same boat as you and the world is a wonderful reference library. Since I would never leave you high and dry and alone in your new neighborhood, I want to remind you that you still have God, Karma, and some pretty fun guardian angels on your side ready to help you in a pinch.

That’s about it for now. I used to do Welcome Wagons a long time ago complete with a basket of muffins and coupons for local dry cleaning, but too many people have food allergies to the muffins and everyone is so conscious with the environment now that I tend to leave notes like this when creating situations and opportunities aren’t enough. Take care of yourself and take care of mom. She needs you and I need you and the world needs you to be another volume in its reference library for the next person moving into their new neighborhood.

Love always,

The Universe

21 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Welcome!

  1. This is so good! Very heartfelt. And what a loving way to think of this new phase in your life. It’s a great way of accepting your new role and understanding it. Beautifully written. Great concept too. ❤

    • Thanks Michele. I just really don’t want to struggle and fight this anymore so I began to imagine how helpful it would be to get a letter with some instruction or at least confirmation!

  2. The Universe sent me an email about 5 years ago. At least you got a heart-felt letter. Hang in there – the Universe is wise and certainly reminds us all that we are in this together! Well written!
    Visiting from A-Z Blogging

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you! I really appreciate your comments and sharing your thoughts! You can’t go wrong too wrong when you get a note like this from the Universe!

  3. Heart warming message from the universe to enjoy every moment in life and be positive. Love the message and good vibes to ordinary mortals like us who keep fighting our own battles, every now and then:)

    • Hi Vishal! So glad you liked this! How often have I wished to actually receive a letter like this! It would make certain things a whole lot easier!

      • I swear Renata and how our problems will disappear out of thin air, knowing the universe will take care of things at the right time. As human beings, we loved to reassured that there is always light at the end of the tunnel:)

    • Thanks Melanie! Can you just imagine if there was a manual?! It would certainly make some things a whole lot easier! Thanks for your comment and stopping by!


  4. This is so heartfelt and imaginative. I do think if the Universe could write to you, it would say something similar– or maybe it just did, straight through you 🙂

    All the best, and here’s hoping you find everything you need in this phase of your life.

    • Thank you so much Damyanti! Your comments mean so much to me! I wish you all the best in what you do as well–I am so glad you found me because now I have found you too and am following you as well! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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