Blogging From A to Z: Vulnerable


A newly hatched bird;
A flower bud;
The first one to say I love you;
Asking your girlfriend to marry you;
Being told you have a disease and there’s nothing more that can be done;
A newborn baby;
An elderly person’s first night in a nursing home;
A bride on her wedding night;
A teenager who just found out she was pregnant;
Openely stating your sexual orientation for the first time;
Writing your first poem, story, post and hitting the “Publish” or “Send” button;
The first public exhibit of your paintings or photographs;
Being interviewed for a much needed job;
Being laid-off;
Burying your loved one;
The first day on your own at college after all the families have gone home;
The first night alone in new a apartment;
All of us in our deepest hour.

Being vulnerable is like standing on the threshold of what was and what will be.

Some of us dance over it, some crawl, some step over it one toe at a time, and some eagerly jump over the threshold with both feet. Being exposed in vulnerability is actually a powerful place to be. Vulnerability is fragility wrapped in hopefulness, hopelessness, security, doubt, wonder, joy, and sadness, all at once.

Are you on the threshold with something that is making you feel vulnerable? Have you made the jump today? Take my hand and let’s walk over that threshold together taking vulnerability and what it means to us deeper.




13 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Vulnerable

  1. Great post! I love the beginning when you list all the instances of vulnerability. Really nice! And this line is spectacular: “Being vulnerable is like standing on the threshold of what was and what will be.” Love that. Being vulnerable is like opening the door: and we’re always pleasantly surprised to see what’s on the other side of that door. It’s so hard to be vulnerable yet it’s rewards are so great…

  2. Standing on that threshold can be intense. You know you are about to make things different but you’re not sure in what way. Others recognize when you’ve done it-sometimes they appreciate it and sometimes they dislike it. Thanks for the reminder to put myself out there.

    • Exactly! You don’t know the outcome and yet you know that you need to move –preferably forward rather than backward. I really believe that when someone dislikes it it’s because it makes *them* uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments!

    • Thank you Vishal. As I wrote each line, it brought up emotions and the words and ideas behind them powerful to write down. Thank you again for your comments and visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!


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