Blogging From A to Z: Quiet


Have you noticed that there seems to be different kinds of quiet?  The quiet of a snowfall versus the quiet of the early morning dawn? The quiet of the house when the family is still asleep from the quiet of a room when you’re alone?   There is something about the quietness of a Sunday morning that just makes the air itself feel holy.  And then there is the almighty silence that comes when the power goes out! I’ve always believed there were different kinds of quiet. Maybe it’s not so much the level of sound in the quiet but rather the energy. Each of the scenarios I mentioned has it’s own distinct change in energy, which in itself can be immensely soothing.

Call it what you will–down time, being unplugged, quiet time it all comes down to the same thing–a regathering of ourselves and our senses and finding a moment, just a moment, to settle down and listen to your inner hum.

Taking ourselves deeper.