Friday’s Focus—Let It Go!

Since we made the decision to donate our oldest truck to charity (they’re picking it up today), we found ourselves in a much easier space of letting go of a bunch of other things we’ve been meaning to for months but just somehow never got around to.

This morning I’ve already re-organized my desk and either filed or recycled all those pieces of paper that were under a “One Day” mental paper weight.

For a while we were doing the, get rid of 5 things (no limit on how big or small) per day, or if something comes into the house, something must go out, but they’ve only lasted so long or the time to part with something just wasn’t right.

This time though, we’re ready. File cabinets are getting filled and the recycling bin is overflowing; clothes are in bags for donating, and books are stacked to send in to Amazon’s Book Trade. This time is right and there’s no holding us back. Who knew the truck would have been just the thing to start the ball rolling?

Riding the wave of letting go, I offer today’s focus of taking a look around and make some time this weekend to let go of some things you’ve been meaning to but haven’t (yet).

Not sure where to start or too intimated by how much to do? How about that junk drawer? We all have one (okay, so I have two!), but once you’ve cleared the inertia hump of “One day I will…” is, you’ll be happy you did.

Have a good weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…