Friday’s Focus—Zig Where You Would Zag

Did you see that? I didn’t quite catch it, but looking back over my shoulder and at the calendar, that was September that just ran past. Already (or so it seems), there’s another new month and a fresh blank calendar page. Shorter days and cooler nights, the stores are exploding in a pumpkin-tinged celebration.

I’m ignoring the fact that I’ve already seen Christmas cards in one store, I’m taking the moment in. To me, there was always something special in these first 2 weeks of October. Like there’s something magical in the air as Mother Nature holds her breath as she disrobes and literally lets her hair down before her winter nap.

I wish for you on this Friday’s Focus that you take some time this weekend to explore—even if it’s in your own town. Go out with no destination in mind and zig where you would have zagged and see where you get led. Don’t give it a second thought wherever you go and whatever you do. Free your imagination and let your instinct take the lead. Grab the kids, the dog, the significant other or just yourself and go for a walk, a drive, a bike ride, a run.

Whatever it is, use this weekend to listen to the siren song of Mother Nature and let yourself get caught up in the magic of this time in between seasons and who knows what you’ll find!


Have a great weekend! 

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way….