Nightshade: A Poem Born

I call out to you, do you hear me?
I reach out to you, do you feel me?
I look for you, do you see me?

In the darkest of hours, the full moon lights the path
and it would only take the slightest lift of my gaze to recognize the way, but I don’t.

I’m afraid.

If only….

Instead, I stay focused with eyelids down, staring at my one foot move in front of the other.
The power of my intention is all that is keeping my feet steady and sure and moving.

One step at a time.

I can feel the rush of bats wings as they fly past me, and then hear the owl hooting in its perch, sounding so close, I stop mid-step for but a moment.
The wolf joins the nighttime raucous with its howl and my flesh breaks out into goosebumps.

You are near.

I pull the hood of my cloak closer over my head and gather the folds at my neck.

Searching for you with my eyes is no longer enough. I start to shake and dance my wild woman awake so now I can better seek you out with my soul. The tethers of the wind bring your scent to me, confirming that you are no longer just near, but you are here.

Right here.
Right in front of me.
Right beside me.

I still my feet on the path, close my eyes, and will my body to stay standing. I break out in goosebumps again as I feel your energy kissing mine.

My eyes raise slowly, intending to rest on the site of Grandmother Moon, but instead I see you, and I begin to touch you with my hands.

We pull each other deeper into life’s embrace as I release the wild woman inside me in ecstasy.