Friday’s Focus—Being Grateful and Yet…

Recently I’ve noticed when I ask people how they are, their response is a shrug of their shoulders as they say “I’m alright. I’ve got a job.” All in all this is great but what struck me was the tone of resignation, like there’s nothing more. There’s something to be said for being grateful for what you have—a job for example, which these days is a biggie. But, it’s the resignation in the tone that’s been bothering me. Call me a dreamer but I don’t believe in settling. There’s more. There’s always more of a quality of life that we can attain, rather than a quantity of things in our lives that so many of us seem to reach toward instead.

It’s a fact that to survive in today’s economy, daily living has become hinged on a paycheck and benefits. But that’s not living. That’s existing. To me, living means thinking, creating, moving, doing. Not just hanging on to the gray thread of a paycheck. To me, that’s dying. I believe in staying hungry. Staying curious. Yes, there’s always a worse off way to be but that doesn’t mean one has to remain placated and resigned.

Stay grateful but also stay alive! Find something each day that piques your curiosity, something that makes you wonder, laugh, even cry because all of the emotions have a place, but whatever you do, don’t die while you’re still living. Live, love, laugh, be hungry, be curious, and you’ll be grateful for what you’ll find.





Friday’s Focus—Life Could Be a Dream (Sh-boom, Sh-boom)

I’ve been a dreamer all my life—literally and in the sixth-sense sort of way. As far back as I can remember, I’d get messages and information in my dreams; sometimes precognitive, and other times more personal “psst—pay attention to this” communique.

I’ve learned to work with and listen to my dreams and the information they provide. Waking this morning, I just knew that a dream I had during the night carried a strong message and feeling, but I wasn’t sure yet what it was. Usually I dream in vivid colors and scenarios, but this dream was simply staged in a fog of grey and black and over and over, as if on a loop, I heard the song “Life Could Be a Dream” (the version that was sung by The Chords).

I knew the song, but I couldn’t even tell you the last time I heard it. I’ve always liked it but it held no specific significance for me and I didn’t even know all the words! My interest was definitely piqued by the insistence of this song being played as a soundtrack in my dream so I found a video on YouTube, and while it played, looked up the lyrics, hoping this would also get the ear worm out of my head.

Once I read the words, I chuckled at the message that was now impossible to miss. It’s uncanny how we are all led to things we need to see and learn but until we can understand the signposts along the way, nothing will mean anything and will only solicit a “Well, that was weird,” response. Sure, some dreams may be just a regurgitation of a day’s input and mean nothing more than GIGO, but dreams have traditionally been a way to convey information, and if you’re a dreamer like me, you know what I mean.

My post today for Friday’s Focus is reminder to take each day and laugh a little, love a lot, and always remember that:

Life is but a dream
It’s what you make it
Always try to give
Don’t ever take it
Life has it’s music
Life has it’s songs of love

Lyrics, Writer(s): Raoul J. Cita, Hy Weiss, Copyright: Emi Longitude Music, Embassy Music Corp. O/B/o Maureen Music, Embassy Music Corp.