Friday’s Focus—It Doesn’t Cost a Dime But It’s Priceless

We all like to receive complements and acknowledgment of a job well done, but more often than not, it’s phone calls to business providers or managers with complaints about lousy service or a bad job that gets us to pick up the phone.

Yes, providers should be made aware of service that’s less than stellar, but how often have you reached out to tell a manager about good service you received? It can be as easy as writing a positive review on a Website such as Yelp or Travel Advisor or you can take it one step further and make a phone call or send a letter to the company itself.

A word of kindness and acknowledgment goes a long way. It’s a golden trifecta: The boss will feel good about having someone on their team whom they can feel confident in; the person whom you called about will most likely be told of the complement and can boost self-esteem; and you will feel good about sharing something positive about someone else.

Small things like this doesn’t cost you anything but time, and the investment of the effort can be priceless for the person on the other end.

Taking things deeper….

#service #self-esteem #encouragement #business

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