Dear Spring

Dear Spring,

Please, please come back. I miss you. When you left I know it was because Summer had come to town and you may have felt intimidated with all of her long sunny days and giving off heat so intense sometimes, she had the power to make the rest of us wear the skimpiest of clothes and sometimes even do nothing but just lie around basking in her light. Oh, but she is not you.

And yes, then Fall came wearing the most breathtaking colors. She is THE weather diva sashaying down earth’s runway wearing her colors of gold and red that no one else can carry off. But you know she only stays a short while, so you never have to worry about her. And again, she is not you.

But then there’s Mother Winter. Sometimes the cruelest one of all with her paralyzing ways. None of the others can compare with her ability to hold us down, keeping us hostage to warmer areas while she redesigns the landscape by making new snow mountains and hills by covering everything she sees. Yes, there are some who love her and dance with her in the storms and use her back to ski or sled down, but not me. She is definitely not you.

Spring, you are the only one for me. Yes, okay, I admit, there are some things about the others that I hold dear, but it is you whom I adore and just can’t wait to see again.

I keep thinking of the times when we used to walk in the park or go running and bike riding outside in the fresh air, and then the nights I would sleep with the window open, your rose and lilac perfume wafting through the window and tickling my dreams. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to smell and feel you now.

So come back dear Spring. I heard you were coming back to town in a few weeks and I am counting the days. It’s hard to believe you’ll be here soon when I hear Mother Winter will once again come visit my house. But I will keep the vision of green grass and budding trees in my heart and listen for the songbird singing your name.

I will be hear waiting, but please hurry because I can’t wait to see you again!




5 thoughts on “Dear Spring

  1. Beautifully expressed!!! Really nice Renata. My trees are already starting to bud, but winter is lingering. Although I’m not rushing it because the Texas heat will be oppressing us soon enough. Your depiction of Spring has me excited. I envy you having the smells of lilacs: I love lilac bushes and I tried to find one here a few years ago but they just don’t grow here. There is nothing like putting your face in the middle of the colorful lilacs. That’s probably one thing I miss most when Spring rolls around. XOXO

    • Thank you my friend 🙂 I certainly don’t envy you with that Texas heat around the corner so I completely understand your cherishing the moment and enjoying the buds. I think lilacs are the epitome of the spring flower for me and always think of it when I smell it. Even though they may not grow where you are, I wish I could still send you some ❤ xoxo

  2. What a lovely description of the seasons! I’m in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re having an early spring…and believe me, I’m not complaining.

    BTW, I found you on the A-Z Challenge list. I’m starting to check out the blogs of other participants. Glad you’re participating! I like your writing style.

    • Hi Nadine and fellow A-Z Challenger! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! I can almost see your smile I read that you have an early Spring where you live 🙂 I look forward to crossing paths with you as we approach in the Challenge and then continue on. Say hi to the Sun for me, will you? lol,

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