Friday’s Focus—Today, and Today, and Today

Earlier this week, I learned of the sudden passing of someone I’ve known for many years. She was a beautiful young woman who always had a kind word and a smile for everyone she met. Many are still in disbelief over this unexpected loss and as those who knew her mourn her and the family she left behind, I can’t help but take stock.  It shouldn’t take someone’s death to shock the rest of us into living, and yet it does.

And so with that, today’s focus is a reminder to tell our loved ones how we feel each day and to put your energy into today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today.

It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture as we go about our lives, but we are all connected and the world needs each one of us to show up and maybe for some of us, to step up.

What are you waiting for? I’m not.

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus—Today, and Today, and Today

  1. Amen! That’s so true. I took a writing workshop the other day on the topic of 5-minute journaling. One is the Check In technique where a few times each day you just stop and take stock of where you are, what you see, what you smell, what you hear. No thinking of the past or the future, just stop and live in the moment, that very moment. It’s amazing what you see and hear that you miss as you’re going about your busy days. So yes, live for today and for sure cast away old grudges, get in touch with old friends or long lost family members and definitely tell everybody in your life how much you love and appreciate them. It’s terrible that a death has to remind everyone of that, huh? So sorry for the loss of your friend. ❤

    • Thanks so much Michelle. What a fantastic check-in technique. I want to do that more often too. I start off the day great but like everyone else I get mired down in STUFF, so by taking time out throughout the day, this will be a great reminder to Be Here Now. I’m glad you’re my friend and soul sister and sending you a big hug and love back with this reply ❤ 🙂

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