Friday’s Focus—Go Outside

Take some time out each day to go outside of your home or office even if for just a few minutes. Just step outside and even walk around the house or your parking lot.

Whether you live in a city or countryside, there is a rekindling and stimulation to our psyche when we step out from behind our computers and cars and televisions. It’s so easy to get caught up in getting to and from our day jobs and family responsibilities that’s too often we don’t just put on some boots or flip flips and go out even for a few minutes and revel in the energy of Mother Nature or your Cityscape.

Have a good weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus—Go Outside

  1. So true! I can get so wrapped up in working that the whole day can go by and I don’t even step outside for myself: I step out with the dogs but I’m doing poop-duty. I think you are meaning to step outside and take a few minutes of quiet solitude and commune with nature for yourself. THAT I need to do more often. Thanks for the reminder! Love ya Girl!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I meant Michele, but you know? Even having poop duty is good enough reason to step outside. You’re still doing good for yourself by being outside for a few, and you take take those few moments to celebrate the circle of life 🙂 Sending lots of love your way from the East ❤

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