All I’m Asking


That’s it.

I’m not asking you to do anything else.

You don’t need to ponder the mysteries of the Universe or what you’re making for dinner.

The weekend plans will wait.
The kids will wait.
The laundry will wait.
The bills will wait.

Life won’t.
It keeps moving forward.

Don’t worry about trying to catch up.
Don’t worry about what will happen if…
Don’t worry about what won’t happen if…

Life doesn’t.
It keeps moving forward.

When you smile, your body’s aches and pains may still hurt, but in time, not so much.
When you smile, your breaking heart may still hurt, but soon, it won’t seem to hurt as much.
When you smile, your deepest spaces may still be dark, but eventually, it won’t seem as dark so much.

All sorts of things happen,

I’m not suggesting you read something, write something, or watch something.
It’s not magic or rocket science or some newfound healing.

It’s just a smile.

It starts with your lips and your cheeks, eventually rising as you bring the smile to your eyes.

Then, with your eyes smiling and your cheeks smiling and your lips smiling, other smiles will come back to you, and then….your heart

Life even smiles.
It smiles in its sunrises and rainbows and laughs through its birdsongs and windy melodies.

When you’re mad, bad, sad, angry or afraid, Life still smiles.

Even when you may not want to…

smile, and let Life’s smiles touch yours, and see the sparks fly.

I’m not asking you to fight, flight, or forgive.
I’m not asking you to scale a mountain or swim a river.
I’m not asking anything other than to do this, try this, and to see that…

all I’m saying is



4 thoughts on “All I’m Asking

  1. Smiling, like laughter, is elixir for the soul. Thanks for taking the time to remind us to take this important step each day! Smiling here… 🙂

    • Yes! It’s just amazing to me what happens when we do. Sometimes I can be in the roughest spots and then I smile (yes, gritting my teeth at first), and keep holding that smile and gradually I can feel myself change and melt and mellow. 🙂

  2. You’re not alone with that, believe me. It’s not easy and oftentimes, smiling is the absolute LAST thing you want/feel like doing. Even smiling through through gritted teeth, can make the slightest emotional change. I’ve done it and thought the whole thing was baloney but I actually felt a difference after a few minutes. Not jump for joy happy but there was a shift for sure. I deeply appreciate your honesty and your sharing. Please don’t be embarrassed by saying what you did. You should never be feel embarrassed about anything you feel and so I’m glad you said it and shared.

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