Friday’s Focus—Mwahahaha!!

Now that it’s officially Halloween and the day is still young, I already sense an undercurrent of urgency from people and businesses to start the race toward Christmas shopping. Thank goodness, to date, the celebration of Halloween has remained sanctioned as it’s own holiday and has barely been touched by the mere mention of tinsel, but as of tomorrow morning, all bets are off and the Christmas fliers will be here before the Thanksgiving turkey has a chance to defrost.

Today’s Friday’s Focus is to let yourself revel in the mysteries of the coming evening when the veils are thinnest and maybe that knock in the wall you’ve been hearing may not be from the water pipe….or at the very least, enjoy the costumes of the kids, adults, and even pets, around you and all of the creativity that went into them.

Even if you don’t like Halloween there’s still something for everyone out there, so don’t even THINK about that turkey or the garland. Relax today and roll with the candy corn.

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus—Mwahahaha!!

  1. It drives me crazy that the retailers start pushing the Christmas season earlier and earlier. I was in Michael’s buying beads a few weeks ago (early October) and, I’m not kidding, they were playing Christmas carols!! I just looked at the woman standing next to me, another customer, and said, “Am I hearing things? Is that REALLY Christmas music playing in the background?” I thought I was losing my mind, but it was indeed a christmas carol. I LOVE Autumn and I want to enjoy the season. I want to experience everything associated with Thanksgiving – family, friends, gratitude – without being pushed to dealing with Christmas! I want to walk into stores and see the lovely Autumn colors decorating the aisles, not Christmas trees and decorations! Geez, can’t we have our Fall back? I’m okay with Christmas season starting on Black Friday. That’s fine. At that time, Thanksgiving is over. BUT WE all have a choice. We don’t have to fall victim to the clock and calendar pushing: we can stop our own clocks and enjoy each day as it comes. Good post Renata! Happy November!!

    • I’m so right there with you! I couldn’t believe that the day after Halloween, the shelves were fully stocked with Christmas things. The only thing that hinted of Thanksgiving was an end cap with Turkey napkins on sale. Autumn is such a special, sacred time of transformation between seasons that we should be in the moment of change now instead of looking forward. The time in between the seasons is so brief, I know I don’t want to miss the changes and I’m glad you don’t too. Thanks for commenting!!
      Happy November!!

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