Friday’s Focus—Resistance: Get Over It

I just bought an elliptical and believe me, after the first 10 minutes of making deals with my body and God as I mentally searched the house for where I left my inhaler, I was ready to say “Screw this.” And I did. But not to the elliptical or to my new morning routine but to my resistance. I refused to give in. I slowed my pace, looked out the window, and let my mind wander to whatever it wanted to, to distract me and eventually I did it—I met the goal I made for myself this morning (yay me!).

The Friday Focus I wanted to share today is when your begin to feel the first strains of resistance in anything—it does not have to be relegated to a workout, try distracting yourself as you keep doing it. It’s like tricking your mind (squirrel) into not focusing (squirrel) on the matter at hand (squirrel) and before you know it (squirrel), you’re done. In time you’ll find that you may not need to distract yourself as much to get through whatever it is.

Break it down—not just one day, not just one hour, but one minute. Just get from here to there, and then maybe from there to over there. I promise you that the time will go much faster than you ever thought it would, and whatever it is may not have been so bad as you thought.

Have a great weekend!

Keeping it light and singing LiLoLa [Live, Love, Laugh] all the way…


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus—Resistance: Get Over It

  1. I love your Friday Focus. I just ran into some resistance last night. I’m working on building an online store for my jewelry business and was having problems with a whole bunch of the photos uploading correctly. They would load but they were all messed up so I called godaddy, trying to find out what the problem was. After an hour on the phone and the advanced team working with some of my photos it became apparent that there was something corrupt with over 40 of my jewelry pictures. I told them how I had spent the last 3 days working on building this site and that if I had to take all those stinkin’ pictures again I was just going to give up and get my money back. I was resisting the work. It seemed daunting, the task at hand and, considering that I’m still battling mosquito bites, I was all set to throw away my store just over a little irritation and resistance. So after a few deep breaths (and one rum & coke), I yielded and started taking shots of all my pieces again. And guess what? The pictures that I took last night are better than the original ones I shot! So much better that I’ve decided to just photograph my whole lot of inventory all over. Once again, your Friday focus drives it home! Love ya girl.

    • Wow, I felt your pain as I was reading about your experience and how angry and frustrated you must have felt. Sometimes, *anything* to do with the computer and programming seems daunting so I feel your pain. Yep–both breathing and a rum and coke are good squirrel distractions for a bit. I think that’s so amazing that your new shots are better than your old! As painful as it was to do the whole thing over, the corruption was almost like the Universe saying, “You can do better than this.” 😀 I can’t wait to see the site and I’m so happy my Friday Focus helped bring it home 🙂 Love ya too!!

  2. I Wish I read this earlier – I have such a problem with focus. As I have gotten older, it seems to be getting worse. I do understand the one minute at a time thing – it’s like the one step at a time thing….I do try….;)

    • You are not alone my friend. I don’t know if it’s age or the rate of multitasking these days or what but having the attention span of a flea seems more the norm now than ever!

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