Morning Stars and a Blessing in a Message

Looking through the window this morning with sleep in my eyes and dreams in my head, I watched, mesmerized how the screen pixelated my view of the sunlight blinking through the waving branches and leaves.

Each new breeze created a sort of 1 second stop-action of a twinkling morning. I blinked again, unsure if I was dreaming or awake. I let my soft vision take in the glittering pixels and it was no longer morning, but evening, and in the soft vision of the moving images before me, each sunlit square in the screen blinking at its own speed, became a twinkling star.

The sunlight, which just a moment ago was playing hide and seek with the flipping of leaves and swaying of branches, transformed into the flickering lights of stars up in the sky, twinkling in their nightly dance and I swear I heard someone whisper, “Listen to your heart to tell you where to go, not the world. The world wants you for its own agenda. The world’s voice is not yours. Stand tall, stand strong, and shine and twinkle and do your own dance every night and every day, like the star that fell from heaven that you are.”


2 thoughts on “Morning Stars and a Blessing in a Message

  1. This is a gorgeous post Renata! It makes me think about the Impressionist painters, particularly Claude Monet. He starting losing his eye sight as he grew older but left us with the most incredibly, fleeting, visions of nature anyway. Your post reminds me of how we see with so much more than just our eyes.

    • Oh how I love Monet and I feel honored by your comment. Thank you so much Stephanie for your words! Yes, our eyes are but one of the so many ways with which we can see….

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