An Afternoon Pause

I wish that I could record the rain that is falling right now. I look up and watch a sheet of water falling inches from my face and yet I am protected. I feel only the gentlest of kisses from the raindrops that ricochet off of the windowsill and jump through the patterned mesh in the screen. The cool breeze caresses my brow and entices a wayward hair from my temple to sway into a slow dance making me shake my head to get rid of its tickle.

I close my eyes and inhale the scent of the dirt and grass. The basil and rosemary wave from the garden, swaying in time to the base boom of the thunderclaps and the winds that carry its echo. The air is alive with the heartbeat of this welcome storm that has tempered the heat of the last few days. It is not just the Fahrenheit of this July day that has cooled but also my own restlessness that has pervaded even my sleep.

The release of my own energy is palpable. I take another deep breath in and exhale through slightly parted lips, creating my own soft breeze back out into the rain.

I open my eyes slowly and look at the curtain of water and pray for it to wash away thoughts and memories of recent conversations I’m sick and tired of carrying. Almost as though I am looking to physically shirk off these energies, my body begins to move of its own accord into a yoga pose that begs internal focus for balance. This spontaneous movement and alignment of my hands into a mudra feels surreal as I did nothing to intentionally move into this pose. My body has found peace in this one-legged balance, which further rests my inner mind and quiets the monkey. Another thunderclap splits the afternoon as if Thor and his thunder beings give their approval and blessing.


2 thoughts on “An Afternoon Pause

  1. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, Renata! Wow! I was there, as if I was experiencing the rainstorm right along with you. I found myself relaxing into peace and your post came at a perfect time for me. I needed some calm reality. Thank you! The writing is fantastic.

    • Thank you Michele! I am so happy I was able to share with you the calmness that I felt as I experienced it. Since we don’t live near each other we can at least enjoy the same experiences this way! I hope that your calmness and serenity will stay for awhile. Sending you lots of love!

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