Life’s Focus

I wear glasses for my everyday vision but I’ve been noticing that I’ve had to take them off to read anything up close. Annoying but dealable. I’ve even taken to the habit of pushing my glasses up onto my forehead or resting them atop my head as I hold out whatever I’m reading at arm’s length to find the right focus. I’ve always seen other people do that and now I am one of them. I’ve officially joined the club. It’s fine, really. It’s stylish yet casual and convenient, I tell myself.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have no problem with getting older. Sure, I joke around with my friends that things aren’t where they used to be and part of my morning ritual has come to playing the games, “Search for That New Gray Hair!” or “When Did That Wrinkle Happen?” I embrace getting older and look forward to seeing what kind of woman I’ll shake out to be when I grow up.

One of the tell-tale ways our bodies change is in our vision. I’m used to wearing glasses and have for most of my life. I’ve even accepted the fact that lineless bifocals are my friend. But every so often, like that maverick gray hair or new laugh line, something will happen that is like my body’s version of a car’s Check Engine Light that will tell me it may be time for a tune-up and changes in my vision is one of them.

Each week I promise myself to make an optometrist appointment until the week ends, I haven’t gone, and then I promise myself that I promise myself I’ll do it this week until this week ends and I promise all over again next week to do it that week. Well this morning found me renewing that promise again as I turned on my computer and I had to adjust my glasses more than usual. The point of clarity had my frames balanced almost on the tip of my nose, which allowed me to see my computer screen in perfect 20/20, but the frames were pinching my nostrils closed making me feel like I had a stuffy nose, which I don’t and I hate the feeling of.

I moved the frames up the bridge of my nose so I could breathe, but now I couldn’t see. A few more times of this back and forth and eventually I found the sweet spot that let me see and breathe at the same time, but then I developed a crick in my neck from my head tilted back because the only way I was able to make out the screen clearly was by peering through the very bottom of the glass frames and my chin jutted out just so.

Not very comfortable but good enough for now so I can continue to search the Internet. I look down at the computer screen and the cursor blinking in the search box of Google. Now, what was I going to look up?

Happy weekend everyone!







8 thoughts on “Life’s Focus

  1. Hahahahaha – very funny and sweet post, and I totally relate. Yeah – you will be happier once you get new glasses. I’ve had trifocals for many, many years. I’m actually proud of all my gray hairs and wrinkles and I’m just happy being me. You always have such a fresh and entertaining perspective on the journey of life. Great post! ❤

    • Thanks Lynn! This one practically wrote itself–I seriously had a completely different intention on what to write that morning but then I ended up futzing with my glasses and well, you read what happened from there! I love my gray hairs and laugh lines too.I wouldn’t change a thing! I love your posts for the same reason! ❤

  2. I hope you looked up the number for the optometrist! I hear ya about the eyesight deal. Believe it or not, I have cataracts in BOTH eyes that I have to get removed. I’ve put off the surgery for nearly a year now. At first it was because I wanted to get my money’s worth out of my new eyeglasses that I just spent hundreds of dollars on. So now I guess would be a good time to make that appointment. Thanks for the reminder. And aren’t you just loving the wrinkle games? I’m NOT! I have a lot of laugh lines and a lot of lines sprouting up around my mouth which makes me very miserable. My face has been the only thing I’ve ever been happy with on my body and now that’s going! Shit! 🙂
    Such is life…

    • ach, I just haven’t gone in a few years and it’s (obviously) time. Yikes, both eyes? Surgery on my eyes is one of those things that freak me out and I don’t know what I’d do if I had to have surgery. YES make that appointment! You’re welcome 🙂 Regarding your wrinkles look at it this way–you’re not getting older, just more experienced ;-p

    • Ha! I know that feeling. Good luck with it. You will be so amazed once you have glasses or whatever you’re getting. It’s kind of crazy when you realize exactly how much you’ve been struggling to see.

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