Blogging From A to Z: Uncomfortable



Come sit for a minute. Go ahead, sit back, settle in, take a sip of water and let’s begin. I saw you yawn (I know, I’m tired too). Bless you. Take another sip, I’ll wait while you cross your legs and relax. Comfortable? Good. Now let’s get ready to get a little uncomfortable. Well, okay, more than a little. You’re in the control seat and the level of comfort you want to feel will all depend on how you sit with what I am about to share with you.

The role of spirituality and mysticism has come roaring into our culture fueled to a previously unforeseen level thanks to mainstream media. Individually and collectively, many of us are realizing that things aren’t working so well anymore in our lives and there is still something deep inside the deepest part of our hearts that niggles at us, incessantly knocking from the inside trying to get our attention. We are saturated with seeking ways to satisfy our feelings of lost spirituality, but perhaps it’s not spirituality we seek but the connection to our soul. There. I just saw you blink and shift in your seat. Now you’re uncomfortable, at least a little bit, aren’t you? It’s okay. You can admit it. It’s just you and me here.

I’m not writing to answer the questions of why are we here and what is our life’s purpose. I’m writing to say that we can search all we want, read and meditate all day and all night, eat only organic foods and wear only natural fibers so that we can say we live in perfect accordance with the Earth but that does not mean we are living in accordance with our true selves.

It’s not the road that will get you to Nirvana but the potholes and fallen trees and the cold rain that soaks you to your bones when you have no umbrella that will make you uncomfortable and make you wonder why you are doing this. Let us be acupuncture needles with each other and learn from those people and situations that make us uncomfortable and look into why. Are you being mirrored and don’t like what you see? Are you being reminded of something you’d rather not be? Those things that make us shy away and fearful and uncomfortable are exactly the things we need to be with and not turn away from.

It is our human nature not to want pain, but it is our ego’s nature to create comfort and distraction regardless of what is at stake to keep our soul path in the shadow. How do we avoid this? By remaining present when we notice our discomfort. Let the pebbles in our shoes be reminders of moving forward out of our comfort zone. Change can only happen when we go through the muddy, thick, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful metamorphosis that will birth ego and shadows into the light.

You have to get off the mountain and get off the mat. Get angry. Get dirty and then shake the mud off like a dog that got wet to move forward into our true selves and get closer to our bone. Life is messy. Buddha taught that life is pain, and so pain equals being uncomfortable. Personally, I would rather be kicked out of my comfort zone on an hourly basis if that were what it would take me to make me shed my ego habits.

Taking it deeper.


12 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Uncomfortable

  1. I stopped by your blog today after seeing what you wrote about on the FB page for the A to Z challenge, which I am also participating in. Renata, what a beautiful, well written, thoughtful and thoroughly inspirational post! It did not make me uncomfortable, it motivated me to move forward mindfully. Namaste!

    • Thank you Stephanie! I’m so glad you found me and that this post was motivating for you. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to comment and your thoughts on it. Funny how I didn’t realize there was a FB page for this until nearly the end! Thank you for following me! Namaste 🙂

  2. Cool post, inspiring. This brought to mind a few awesome quotes I’ve read about the need for frequent change, renewal, and transformation. The first is something C.S. Lewis said about, “Those who seek comfort will find neither truth nor comfort, but those who seek only truth (God), will find both truth and comfort.” When Christ says, “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” He assumes we’ve been working our buns off to help others find peace.

    • Thanks Robert. I appreciate your comments. I really enjoyed writing this. Great quotes–and I’ve always loved the writing of C.S. Lewis. I think some of us are in fact working our “buns off” to help others but as you know, you can’t do that without working on yourself first. Everyone can regurgitate things they read–they key is to read it, digest, then spit it back out by making the words live. Happy Friday!

  3. BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL!! Ah yes, we have to get uncomfortable to be able to feel the loving comfort of authenticity. Great post Renata! And I didn’t know there was a Facebook group for A-Z either!

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