Blogging From A to Z: Tenacity


I believe that tenacity is a very important trait to have. Maybe it’s the scales in my astrological chart but I strongly believe in the underdog and admittedly I have a deep need for balance and justice, which tends to call in my tenacious nature.

I don’t look at being tenacious as being a bad thing. In Latin it means to hold fast, and I believe in holding people and companies accountable for what they say and are supposed to do. It’s not about being right but rather it’s about being ethical, moral, standing by one’s word, and really just doing good business.

I especially become dogged and steadfast when it comes to insurance companies, healthcare, banking, and Internet providers (!) and can be fiercely tenacious when it comes to family and friends. In matters of business, it’s not that I am inflexible when mistakes happen, but when it’s clearly evident that the mistakes are the result of sloppiness, miscommunication, and poor training that get me. In business, I’ve noticed an increasingly pathetic disconnect between the proverbial right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing with misinformation and lack of follow-through rampant.

I have a deep understanding of another person’s shoes almost to the empathic level but sometimes being understanding just doesn’t cut it. I realize that the downsizing in companies can result in a lack of drive to do a good job for those who are left but I think more of a factor is that so many people are overstressed and overworked and there is no real training made available to employees anymore, that those who are left to work can’t help but end up playing a crucial role in widening the gap of disconnect.

People have called me bitchy and obstinate to which I say thank you, because if that’s what you want to call someone who holds fast onto doing what’s right and fighting against inaccuracies, miscommunication, and lack of caring, then go right ahead. Being tenacious can be something like a superpower in that it can be used for good or evil: holding people and businesses accountable or it can be used as harassment and unrelenting obstinacy. Like the Avengers, I choose the former.

Is tenacity your superpower or does it still need to be summoned? I embrace my inner superpower and celebrate it in today’s “T” post. Embrace your inner tenaciousness and take your inner superpower deeper!



13 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Tenacity

  1. Other Susan (from Garden of Eden blog) here Renata – I hope Susan gets back to you – but I suspect she said this because it is so true that it is an inner something. And tenacity is to be embraced. We give up too easily, or get sloppy. We know that if we see the ‘intolerable’ we cannot stand by, though many will. I too will fight for fair deals with banks, insurance etc etc. Friends do not believe me when I tell them. It may be exhausting and time-consuming but I won’t be short-changed out of my fairly earned loot. I think a streak of obstinacy in me helps! A streak too of fairminded-ness also ..
    A great post thank you!
    Garden of Eden Blog

    • Thank you Susan! Without a doubt I agree that we give up too easily or get sloppy. I wonder if it’s something we embrace not only as we get older but also when we have more to deal with on our plates and there comes a point we just say enough! Thank you for sharing your comments and experiences!

  2. I think I’m pretty tenacious when it comes to something I believe deeply in, and that usually involves those infringing upon my time — as you mention, certain utility companies. Also, my son, who pushed until he meets resistance (sometimes). More times than not, I hold my ground and push back — some call that stubbornness, I prefer tenacity. 🙂
    Silvia @

  3. Soul sister: I too am tenacious, especially when it comes to business ethics. I’m like a dog with a bone and won’t let go until a wrong is righted. I’m a big “it’s the principle” kind of gal. Tenacity is indeed a good character trait! Good post!

  4. Great post, Renata! Tenacity is great when it’s standing up for what you believe in and doing what’s right. It takes courage and strength to do that, and I applaud you! 🙂

  5. Onward and upward! I, too, am fed up with and vocal about the unethical behavior of big businesses.The banks, who are making millions, borrow our CD money and give us insulting interest. The people who provide shoddy service or do not live up to what they promised are other thorns in the side. I was a mentor teacher for seventeen years, and I know the importance of training teachers on the job, of having someone on their side to guide them in the pitfalls of classroom management and lesson planning. Every company and every school should have someone that exclusively addresses issues for the new employees. Keep questioning and pushing!

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your follow and your comment. I can’t agree with you more. What a wonderful idea about have the exclusivity of someone to address issues for the new employees. How wonderful reading about your experience! You must have a lot of stories to share! Thank you again for your comments and follow. I found your site engaging and have become a follower of yours as well!
      Have a wonderful weekend–

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