Blogging From A to Z: July–Two Haiku’s and A Scene From a Dream



Barbecue-filled days
Fireworks in the nighttime
Raining down on us
Hot, sunny daylight
Firefly-lit evening
Summer love unfolds


I dreamt I left my red scarf on your lawn knowing you were watching me from behind the curtain.

I pretended not to notice you as I danced in circles in the yard. My arms held the breeze in the embrace of a dance partner and I felt your eyes upon me with my every turn.

One, two three, one, two, three across the lawn and through the sprinkler. Even in my dream I felt the water cold and soaking on that hot July day, drenching my dress in wetness.

You came out to give me a towel and picked up my scarf. I danced in my circles toward you until I got close enough that the breeze was no longer my dance partner, but you were in my arms instead.



7 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: July–Two Haiku’s and A Scene From a Dream

  1. I love the Haiku. And I miss the July’s you speak of: here in Texas the July’s are hot and miserable. What I loved about your Haiku was the feeling of being back home (up north) and that always makes me feel good. Love the dance prose! It reminded me of young love.

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