Blogging From A to Z: Hello


Those of you who have been following me know that I believe it’s the little things we do for ourselves and each other than can mean the most and brighten our days immeasurably. One of the simplest, and smallest things that we can do rests in the simple act of saying hello. It is courteous, respectful, and it is also the simplest act of acknowledgment we can give each other (“I see you”) that can make a difference in someone’s day.

So with today’s post, I’m saying Hello! to all of you, dear readers and beyond, and wish you all a wonderful day or evening ahead, depending on where you are in the world and when you read this!

Hello (English)
Namaskar (Bengali)
Dobrý den (Croation)
Goddag (Danish)
Hoi (Dutch)
Hallo (German)
Bonjour (French)
Aloha (Hawaiian)
Shalom (Hebrew)
Namaste (Hindi)
Jo napot (Hungarian)
Góðan dag (Icelandic)
Ciào (Italian)
Ohayou gozaimasu (Japanese)
Merħba (Maltese)
Hallo (Norwegian)
Salaam or do-rood (Persian)
Dzień dobry (Polish)
Oi, boas, olá or alô (Portugeuse)
Pree-vyet (Russian)
Dobrý deň (Slovak)
Holà (Spanish)
Jambo (Swahili)
Hej (Sweidish)
Ia orana (Tahitian)
Merhaba (Turkish)
Dobriy ranuke (Ukranian)
Xin chào (Vietnamese)
Shwmai (Welsh)
Sholem aleikhem (Yiddish)

Taking this one small act deeper and taking this blog entry sideways!


7 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Hello

  1. Funnily enough, I was thinking about the act of saying ‘hello’ earlier. It is so rare to say hello to passing strangers these days, and generally I find this only takes place when out on country walks and usually with older people and dog walkers. Any other time and it is considered weird. However, the sun is shining today and as I was walking home today I was watching how passing strangers interacted. It seems there is a strong correlation between the sun shining and people actually greeting each other and making small talk.

    • That’s so interesting and true now that you’ve brought it up! I have had the experience of walking past people daily in the halls that I’ve worked with for years over 10 years, and sometimes there’s a hello, but more often than not, there’s an aversion of eyes and nothing but silence until someone says something first! Amazing.

    • Your comment means so much to me–thank you. I am deeply thankful for your words, and your comments, and your presence as well. Your blog is one of the few I truly look forward to reading each day.

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