Blogging from A to Z: Breath



Breath—the whisper of the beginning, the sigh of the end. Everything in between, every thought, every feeling, every passion, and every sorrow is accompanied by the breath. It is not just the backbone of our life but the backbone of our sanity and our even our mental health. Breath sustains our life force. It helps us focus from the mental chatter and can calm us when we’re upset (How often have you heard or said, “Take a deep breath and calm down”?), it does all this without us giving it a second thought. But what if we did? What if, even for just a few minutes, you stopped and noticed how you feel, how your body and emotions change by changing your breath? A deep breath versus a shallow breath. A belly breath versus a lung breath. A fast breath versus a long, slow, inhalation and exhalation.

I tend to be a shallow breather so when I consciously breathe into my diaphragm I become aware of new physical sensations and even a change in my thoughts. Sometimes, all you need to do is to take that one big, deep, bellyful, blissful breath for a change in your mental and emotioal direction. Why don’t you try it now? Sit back, close your eyes, and breathe……..Let’s take it deeper.




7 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z: Breath

  1. I noticed within the first few sentences I was consciously breathing! Your post is very powerful indeed! So few of us even think about breathing and this is a great reminder. I LOVE your first line: “…the whisper of the beginning, the sigh of the end.” OMG that’s beautiful!

  2. Again your posts are very timely for me. I have embarked on a meditation practice with my husband each evening (starting with 5 minutes….baby steps!) and my focus is on my breathing. It is calming to focus on something so basic and simple yet so elemental and necessary to all life!

    • I’m so glad to see you again and to hear that this post is so timely for you again. That’s excellent that you and your husband are doing this! 5 minutes is at least a beginning! Way to go!!! and really, just watch the difference with your breathing. There’s so much that you can do to explore and play to see how much difference various ways of breathing can make. Enjoy!

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