Blogging From A to Z: Addiction




For those of you who aren’t aware, starting today and continuing for the month of April (except for Sundays), I’m taking part in a Blogging From A to Z Challenge, during which I will post something every day that begins with the appropriate alphabetic letter for the day. My theme for this challenge is about the little things in life and how we can take them each deeper and I hope you’ll join me! So let’s go!


Unless we are in a heightened state of awareness and already existing in our Buddha-nature, we are all addicts. Addictions can be loud or subtle. They can be screams from your body or whispers in your mind. Addictions can be food, people, emotions, or technology. It can even be places or things. We become addicted to a particular type of behavior or object because it makes us feel good when we do it or go to it and we want to continue that good feeling. To be awakened is to be freed from that desire and drive. Use the energy that is currently tied up with your addiction to free yourself. If you don’t think you have an addiction, take a look at your life and see what is at least one thing that you keep going back to and seeking more of to find solace in? Chocolate? Cigarettes? Girl Scout cookies? Alcohol? Sex? Pasta? Approval? Let’s take it deeper.


17 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z: Addiction

  1. Some of us are so addicted that we don’t even know we’re addicted. Addiction runs rampant in our society: may we all soon set ourselves free! Great post Renata! Here we go, A-Z! fun, huh?

  2. Visiting on the 1st day of the #challenge. Hope you find new blogging friends this month. If gardening is of interest, and you have time, come and see me too. I’m addicted to English mysteries, gardening, reading, writing and better for it. Have fun.

  3. Once you have identified that thing that holds you back, you realise that it is the same thing that holds you back in more than one area of your life. Freaky.

    Whats even worse is when these addictions are habits…holding onto grudges, believing you cannot think and live big…and the list goes on.

    • Great point! And habits can be just as hard to break but I believe the first point–the starting point with anything–is recognizing it first and then even if takes baby steps, move on from there, Thanks for your comments and thoughts!

  4. This hits home for me. I just read an article yesterday (the day this posted!) about how food addictions are so prevalent and I determined that I have a sugar addiction. The advice for this is total abstinence and I tend to agree through experience. I haven’t had sugar since January 1st and I know if I have “just one cookie” I will end up eating a dozen at one sitting.

    • I love the synchronicity of it all! Congratulations on recognizing and working on and changing your addiction. Sugar is one of the strongest ones. Just wait until I hit the letter “I” and I talk about the three “ines” that are take strength in numbers to quit. Good for you! Keep up the great job with no sugar and with your blogs. p.s. I am the same way with carbs–so hard to stop at portion control with that comfort food. 🙂

  5. Addiction is a topic that has been eating away at my mind. I heard a talk just on Monday with this statement “Addiction is a sign of lack of self-love”. It is making sense to me. THanks for bringing this topic back to mind 🙂

    • Hi Bavani, I’m glad you found this timely. I think that’s an excellent point. Looking to fill a void that could be there from lack of self-love. Thank you for bringing THAT to my attention!

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